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Title: The Ties That Bind (1-6/? chapters)
Author: H_Weasley
Pairing: Carly/Mikolas
Rating: M
Warning: Adult Themes and Language (for later chapters)
Summary: Carly discovers a horrible secret, will she do the right hing for once?

Chapter 1: Realization

"Jax" Carly called as she walked into his apartment. She put John down on the couch and he cooed up at her.

"Give Aunt Carly a minute precious" Carly told him as she took out her phone and dialed his number.

"Leave a message for Jasper jacks after the tone"

The voicemail picked up immediately and Carly disconnected.

"I will just wait for him,” Carly mumbled. She picked baby John up and took him into his room. She changed his clothes, singing to him the whole time. Jax still wasn’t home when Carly put John down for his nap.

She wandered into the living room and absently ran her hand across Jax desk.
"Damn it" Carly hissed when she knocked over a large stack of papers. She tried not to read them as she picked them up but out of pure habit her eyes skimmed the pages. It was the paternity test Courtney had preformed, but something was wrong. Carly re-read the paper three of four times. "This can't be right, there is no way, unless..."

She jumped out of her skin when she heard a key in the door. Carly quickly tucked the paper in her shirt and put the rest of the stack on the desk.

"Carly" Jax called coming in the front door. Carly stood quickly and brushed off her dress.

"Hi" Carly greeted him. "How are you?"

"I am good and you?" Jax asked smiling and putting his coat down.

"I am good" Carly answered. "John is asleep in the other room, he has been napping for about fifteen minutes or so"

"Thanks for your help" Jax told her sincerely.

"Not a problem, but I really need to go now,” Carly advised him, heading for the door. "I have to pick Michael up from school today and I have errands to run"

"Ok, well see you then" Jax called over his shoulder as Carly headed down the hall.

Carly headed straight for Jason's house, hoping he could help her make the right decision.

Chapter 2: The Right Thing

Carly shifted from one foot to the other waiting for Jason to open the door. She sighed in frustration and pounded again.

The door flew open and Sam stood in the doorway with her hand on her hip. "Were eating dinner" Sam informed her, "Could you come back later?"

Carly caught the door before Sam could slam it in her face. "This is important"

"It always is" Sam mumbled under her breath, stepping back allowing Carly to Brush past her into the penthouse.

"What is it?" Jason asked looking at her a little suspiciously.

"I need to talk to you" Carly advised him. She turned and looked at Sam, "it's personal"

Sam threw her hands into the air and sighed. "Fine" Sam cried. "I am going. I will be back in half and hour"

"Carly" Jason started when the door shut.

"I know, I know" Carly relented, "be nicer to Sam, I will try. I promise to start being nice and all that to your little girlfriend. Ok, but this important, please hear me out"

Jason nodded, "Go on" he prompted.

Carly pulled out the paternity test and unfolded it.

"I found this at Jax's" She told him handing it to him. Jason took the paper and read.

"Jesus" Jason mumbled. He ran his hand through his hair and looked at Carly. "Did you ask him about this?"

Carly shook her head, "I freaked out and left"

Jason paced the living room, silent apparently lost in thought.

"Jays" Carly asked softly. “What should I do?"

"What we would she want you to do?" Jason asked in response.

Carly paused, tears stinging her eyes, threatening to start a down pour.

"I don't know" Carly finally said, "I think she loved them both"

"I don’t like Jax" Jason replied. "But I think he would be a good father."

"But Nikolas" Carly started.

Jason held up a hand, "But I also think Nikolas deserves to know the truth, my advice to you Carly, is take this to Nikolas. Tell him the truth and let them work
it out."

Carly took the paper from Jason. "Your right, that's the right thing to do"

"Don't get involved in this Carly" Jason warned as she walked out the door. "Be careful, this could get ugly"

chapter 3: Wyndemere

Nikolas was waiting for Carly on the Docks. She climbed off the Ferry and nodded to him somberly.

"Hello Nikolas" Carly greeted formally, she stuck out his hand and wearily he shook it.

"Carly" He said, "What is this about?"

"Could we go inside, it's a little chilly" Carly said. Nikolas nodded and led the way into Wyndemere. Once in the sitting room Carly took a deep breath. It's now or never, she thought.

"Nikolas, I stumbled across something interesting today" Carly started. Her hand was shaking as she pulled out the paternity test. "I agonized over whether or not to show you this but it's the right thing to do"

Nikolas took the paper and read it. Carly could see tears streaming down his cheeks. "That son of a bitch" Nikolas mumbled his face turning red with what Carly assumed was rage.

"I guess I'll go" Carly said, "I just thought you should know"

"I loved her" Nikolas called to her back. Carly stopped and replied.

"I know"

"The baby" Nikolas continued. "John, he's all i have left of her. he was so important. Important enough that she gave her life for his. I owe it to Courtney to fight for him"

Carly turned around and stared at him, studying his face for a moment. "Then I'll help you".

Nikolas made coffee and Carly curled up in front of the fire.

"You will need a lawyer" Carly told him, she made a face and sighed, "Alexis, I guess"

"Normally, I would call Alexis but this is sensitive matter. She was married to Jax and they are good friends. It's a conflict of interest." Nikolas told her.

"Then let me call Justus" Carly offered.

"Why are you helping me?" Nikolas asked. "Were not exactly friends"

"But Courtney was my friend" Carly replied, "and when you were talking about he and John I could feel it, Courtney would want you to have John. I am doing this for her"

"So am I" Nikolas whispered.

Carly took out her cell phone and called Justus. He agreed to meet Carly and Nikolas the next day at Carly's house.

"You can't talk to anyone about this" Carly warned Nikolas. "If Jax finds out, he could do something crazy. You have to think about the baby."

"I agree" Nikolas replied. He walked Carly to the docks. "Thank you, for everything"

Carly smiled and disappeared into the mist. Nikolas watched her go and thought, she was full of surprises. Who knew Cary could be so pleasant.

The next day Nikolas and Justus showed up around the same time. Justus looked over the paper work and offered Nikolas several suggestions.

"I would normally suggest talking to him before taking legal action, but with his resources and connections, you take a risk of him running" Justus advised. "I will file charges this afternoon."

"When will I get my baby" Nikolas asked.

"I don't know" Justus answered him truthfully. "The legal system can take time but I believe it to be the best option right now"

"Just keep me updated." Nikolas requested and Justus smiled.

"Of course" he replied before heading out to see the judge.

Carly looked at Nikolas and it broke her heart, he looked sad and lonely.

"Let's go shopping" Carly suggested.

Nikolas looked up at her as she were crazy.

"The boys are in Puerto Rico with Sonny right now, I have no pans today" Carly told him. "Plus, you need baby supplies"

Nikolas smiled at her, a genuine smile and Carly felt he heart flutter. He is really handsome, Carly thought.

"Ok" Nikolas said finally. "Let's go shopping and I will buy you lunch. To thank you for all you have done for me"

Carly grabbed her coat and they headed out for a day of leisurely fun.

Chapter 4: The Surrender

Nikolas and Carly were sitting at the Pizza shack.

"Out of the restaurants in Port Charles you chose the Pizza shack" Nikolas laughed and Carly shrugged. She took a huge bite out of her pepperoni slice and Nikolas shook his head.

"Want a bite?" Carly asked her mouth still full, holding the pizza up to him. Nikolas shook his head.

"No, that's all you" he replied.

"So, what's going on in your life now?" Nikolas asked, curiosity getting the best of him.

"What do you mean?" Carly asked.

"Now that you have let Sonny go for good, what's next for Carly Corinthos?" Nikolas explained.

Carly paused and looked thoughtful for a moment.

"Being a good mother" Carly said finally. "Maybe finding a career"

"What did you want to be?" Nikolas asked. "When you were a little girl what did you dream of?"

"I wanted to be successful, powerful" Carly admitted. 'I wanted to make sure I never went hungry and I was never cold"

Nikolas didn't reply. Carly looked forlorn and a little lost. Maybe there is more to Carly than meets the eye, Nikolas thought. He leaned over and took a bite of her pizza.

"What about you?" Carly asked. "What's next for Nikolas Cassadine?"

"Hopefully being a good father" Nikolas laughed.

"I think you will be" Carly whispered.

The silence was broken by his telephone ringing. Justus was calling to tell him that Jax surrendered John. Family court processed his request and he could come and get John in an hour.

"This is it" Carly told him as they finished lunch. "No turning back now"

Chapter 5: Baby John Comes Home

Nikolas and Carly walked into the social services office ringing his hands nervously.

"Hello" he said to the woman at the desk. "My name is Nikolas Cassadine and I am here to pick up my baby"

"Yes Mr. Cassadine, we were expecting you,” she said.” My name is Terri." She stood up and motioned for Nikolas and Carly to follow her. She led them down a brightly lit corridor. She opened a door towards the end of the hall. The room resembled a day care, with bright paintings on the wall and toys on the floor. John was in a crib on the other side of the room. The woman held out some paperwork, "We need you to sign these before you can take him home"

"Ok" Nikolas said eagerly. He took the stack of papers and signed each one quickly.

"Congratulations Mr.Cassadine" Terri said with a smile, "You can take your baby home now."

"That's it" Nikolas asked. "It's that easy"

"Yes" she replied. "He is your son, no one contested that, and there will be no need to go to court unless you press charges against Mr. Jacks"

"I don't think that will be necessary" Nikolas told her. He walked across the room and looked down John. His son looked up at him and made little gurgling noise; Nikolas couldn't believe how much he looked like Courtney.

Carly picked up the baby and held him. "Hi, John" she cooed, "there is someone here I want you to meet." She turned John to face Nikolas, "this is your daddy"
Nikolas reached out and took John from Carly, he held his son for the first time since his birth and he cried.

"You ready to go home John?" Nikolas asked. He looked up at Carly who smiled reassuringly at him, "Let's go home, maybe Aunt Carly will let us tale her to dinner"

Carly giggled a little and shook her head, "Maybe" Carly teased, "Come on, let's go Cassadine"

"But I am going to keep bugging you about dinner," Nikolas advised, "John would be very disappointed"

Carly followed Nikolas and John out to the car. She helped Nikolas tuck John into his car seat. It's right, Carly thought; this is how Courtney would want it.

Chapter 6: Special delivery

Mom" Michael called running into the living room with Morgan.

"Hey Mr. Man" Carly said giving him a hug, "Did you have fun with your dad and Emily?"

"Yes" Michael replied, "but we really missed you"

"I missed you too" Carly told him, she noticed Sonny standing in the doorway."Hi, stranger."

"Hi" Sonny said smiling. "How was your week?"

"It was good" Carly answered, "And your?"

"Exhausting" Sonny, laughed. "I wanted to talk to you about something."

"Michael, take Morgan upstairs" Carly said.

Once Michael had led his little brother up the stairs Carly motioned for Sonny to sit down. "What's up?" Carly asked.

"I proposed to Emily this weekend” Sonny told her. "I juts wanted you to know before I told the kids"

"I appreciate that" Carly replied. "Congratulations, I wish you both the best"

"Really?" Sonny asked looking relieved and a little suspicious.

"Really" Carly answered. "I had to let you go. Completely. I don't like Emily but this choice is yours"

"Thanks" Sonny said, just as he was getting up to leave there was a knock at the door. Sonny opened it.

"Flower delivery for Carly Corinthos" The deliveryman said, holding a large bouquet of pink and white roses.

"Roses?" Carly questioned. "Who in the hell sent me roses”?

Sonny signed the clipboard and grabbed the bouquet. He handed the flowers to Carly, she read the card and smiled a little.

Thanks again for all your help. I really enjoyed spending time with you and I would love to get to know you better. I am again requesting you have dinner with me. Give me a call, or drop by any time.

Nikolas Cassadine

"Ok, the suspense is killing me "Sonny snapped playfully. He pulled the card from Carly's hand and read.

"Nikolas" Sonny said looking at Carly. 'Care to explain."

"Not that it's any of your business but I helped Nikolas out with a tough situation" Carly replied.

"Like what?" Sonny asked.

"I found out that baby John was actually Nikolas's son" Carly replied. "I helped Nikolas get his son back"

"I am not even going to ask for further details on that" Sonny said with the waive of his hand. "It sounds to me like Nikolas is interested."

"Interested in what?" Carly countered. "Being my friend? Thanking me for my help? Come on Sonny, he was in love with my best friend. He is lonely and he's grateful, can’t you just leave it at that"

"I can" Sonny told her as he headed out, "The question is can he?"
Carly picked up the phone and called Nikolas's cell phone.

"Hello" Nikolas answered.

"Hey, it's Carly" she told him.

"Hello" Nikolas said again. "I guess you got the flowers"

"I did they were beautiful" Carly advised him. "Really Nikolas, dinner isn't necessary"

"No, I guess it's not" Nikolas agreed. "But I would really love it if you would let me take you out."

"As friends, tight?" Carly asked.

"Of course" Nikolas assured her. "Please?"

Carly sighed. "Ok" she relented. "Tonight?"

"I will pick you up at 8:00,” Nikolas told her.
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